Strategy Skin's In-depth Story

Strategy Skin's premiere formula, The A Retinal Serum, was developed over a period of more than 5 years by clinical skin experts, Amanda Hlatky and Mara Jenkins. Each ingredient chosen to synergistically promote an overall higher performance of the biological functions of the skin.

Most importantly, this all-at-once luxurious and refreshing serum was created to make vitamin A — the top dermatological anti-ageing ingredient — a skin strategy that everyone can rely on. 

Strategy Skin's opaque glass bottles protect the delicate active ingredients within

The problem identified by the two founders throughout their clinical experience, was that many individuals are unable to tolerate traditional retinoids. In opposition to the industry norm,  a "low and slow", yet consistent approach when combined with support of the skin's delicate moisture barrier saw faster, better results.

The aim was to create long-term physiological change in the skin, not add more products to an overwhelmed market. For that reason, Strategy Skin promotes just one serum to replace all the others — replicating their 'in-clinic' treatment plan in one innovative formula that provides the fundamental elements the skin needs to enhance appearance and perform optimally. 

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