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If you've always wanted to try vitamin A — the active nutrient in all retinoids — but were fearful of its not-so-pleasant side effects, then you've come to the right place.

Renowned as the only FDA-approved ingredient for anti-aging and recommended by dermatologists globally, topical vitamin A assists in cell organization and collagen synthesis to refine skin texture, balance oil production, and brighten and reinstate lost collagen volume. However, many of us are not able to tolerate the dreaded "acclimation period" it's well known for. It's for this very reason Strategy Skin created The A Retinal Serum. 



Although it's always possible for the skin to have a small period of adjustment when introducing any vitamin A product into your skincare routine, many users won't experience any adjustment period at all when starting The A Retinal Serum. Yes — even many of those with sensitive skin!

Better tolerated by all skin types, our proprietary formula's encapsulated retinal (retinaldehyde) is rapidly delivered deep into the living layers of the skin, signaling cellular renewal 11x faster than traditional retinol. These highly bioavailable vitamin A molecules are then stored within the cells for when they're needed, ensuring less irritation and disruption of the skin’s delicate moisture barrier and microbiome. This means faster clinical results, and less irritation than traditional retinoids. 

With that said, the skin is a living organ, and many factors can affect it. From the environment we live in and the foods we eat, to our personal genetics, our skin behaves differently for different reasons and at different times throughout our lives. For that reason, there are a few tips that can help you achieve the best results from your new A Retinal Serum.

Below, we've provided insight on what you can expect based on the most common retinoid user experiences and questions. 



Alongside its anti-aging potency, retinal is known to be the most effective vitamin A derivative for clearing breakouts due to its antimicrobial properties. Although Strategy Skin's clinical research has shown The A Retinal Serum's formula to have far less potential for an initial "purging" breakout stage and irritation, for those who experience acne breakouts or skin congestion, introducing The A Retinal Serum for the first time may cause a mild, yet necessary retinal clearing. This occurs by rapidly bringing trapped sebum and cell debris to the surface of the skin — which is a good thing!

Clearing typically appears around 2-3 weeks of usage, when pre-existing blockages are simply leaving the skin prior to sebum regulation. At this stage, we advise maintaining regular use of The A Retinal Serum for best results. 



Though many skin professionals steer clear of recommending the use of retinoids for those with reactive or rosacea-prone skin, The A Retinal Serum has been validated for use by those with sensitive skin. Our encapsulated retinal is known to rebuild and strengthen damaged and/or 'thinning' skin and protect the skin's delicate skin barrier — the most important aspect for reduced skin sensitivity. Over time, this prevents skin flushing, due to internal and external rosacea triggers, making the formula well-loved by those who sufferer from sensitive skin.

Although The A Retinal Serum is gentle enough to use everyday, if you find that your skin becomes slightly more sensitive, or you experience a small amount of skin 'flaking', you can adjust the frequency of use to 3-4 evenings per week until skin acclimates. Those who are prone to sensitivity, have a dry skin type or live in dry climates, may experience slight 'flaking' and dryness during this adjustment period. Keeping skin well moisturized and using SPF on a daily basis will assist with these short-term effects. 

With regular use, skin will become even more resistant to dehydration than before using The A Retinal Serum. Your skin's natural moisture factors will also be reinstated, making skin more reflective (aka glowing and lit from within)!

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